Design is one thing, but the cost of an extension may determine what you are able to afford with your property and your budget. We are driven by a constant commitment to excel in all that we do and deliver the best results at an affordable price. We have been in the business and gained considerable experience in implementing building strategies and also in delivering completed projects to our valued customers. The aim when looking for a property to renovate is to find one that isn’t in a condition that will require very serious work, or even rebuilding. It can be wise to commission a survey before making a bid, as this can highlight defects and structural issues that could make the investment more risky than expected. If it is an old building, it is important to check whether it is listed, or in a conservation area as this can limit the changes that can be made.

You have to consider your main motives for doing the work and how much disruption you can manage. The word means a lot of different things to different people. Some want to make a few simple cosmetic updates to bring the property back into 2018. From these reports, you’ll be able to calculate the cost of repairs and see whether that fits within your budget. Once you’ve got a well-rounded picture of the condition of the property, you can decide whether you want to buy it.

It is also wise to get your solicitor to check your title deeds or lease — there may be restrictions relating to development of the property. Your options when choose a design professional will include anarchitect, architectural designer, house designer or even a structural engineer who would be able to provide good solutions for specific problems. It is not always necessary to hire an architect or designer and obviously you may well have some great home renovation ideas of your own — plus you will save money by coming up with your own design. A warranty is basically a policy which will cover your house against flaws in its design, materials or build quality — it will also cover any problems that occur as a result of these defects. Carrying out a survey and calling in the services of a structural engineer should give you a clear idea of the kind of work you are likely to face when renovating a house.

Firstly, you need to minimise the amount of heat your home uses to keep its occupants warm, and secondly, minimise the cost of producing the heat that it does require. If building an extension, you may have to relocate drains anyway and now is the time to find out. If there isno mains drainage connection, inspect the condition of any existing septic tank and soakaways. Landscaping work to form the drive, paths, beds and lawns can be undertaken at almost any point in the project, providing it can be protected from damage by the building work. Trusted recommendations are the best way to go about tracking down reliable tradespeople and you should always aim to use builders who have carried out work of a similar type and scale to those you are planning.

It was gruelling and a steep learning curve, but we were hooked on renovation life. Fi trained as an interior designer and in recent years we now provide support to renovators who are taking on all sorts of projects from knock throughs to double storey extensions. Whether you are having a new extension built, self-building a house, or renovating a property, you need to ensure building work meets current building regulations. Many people about to embark on an extension, renovation or home improvement project are left wondering whether or not they will need to apply for planning permission. If that’s you then please read on as we answer the main questions on this tricky subject.

If you are laying underfloor heating, the pipes or cable elements will usually be laid after plastering, so that the manifolds can be fixed in place, but before screeding so that the pipes and elements are covered. Renovating a house presents homeowners with the opportunity to restore and embrace original features. Here the original staircase has been repainted to really make the detailed design stand out.

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With draughty windows and gaping floorboards, Listed homes are charming but might not seem suitable for green living. There is always a way to make it healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable. Not only will keeping some things save you money, it could also help preserve the character of your property. When undertaking a large-scale renovation, it can be easy to fall into the trap of stripping a house back to its bare bones.

Typically, renovation work is categorised as ‘cosmetic’ or ‘structural’. • Very few properties require a full makeover, which can work out pretty costly. Thus, depending on circumstances, purchasing a new home can be a better option than renovating each and every corner of your property. • Renovating your house means you have the potential to create more space (i.e. building an extra bedroom, clearing out your yard to make it more spacious).

Many contractors only have Public Liability cover which is not sufficient as no one is taking full responsibility for the works in progress. Public Liability Insurance only covers negligent acts and it is sometimes a very lengthy and costly process to prove this. Most Home Insurance policies exclude cover for renovation work and the builder’s Public Liability Insurance will require negligence to be proven, which can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. You should aim to have 10 to 15 per cent of the project cost as a contingency.