Patch A Drywall Hole In 6 Simple Steps

This is the most common cause of nail pops and it’s fully beauty. There are no structural issues to fret about, and repair is pretty simple.

Smooth over indentations with somewhat joint compound—a quarter-sized glob should fill most nail and screw indentions. Apply with a putty knife, then clean away any extra. Let the compound dry no less than 24 hours, and then apply one more thin coat of joint compound with the putty knife. When that dries, sand over the compound with a drywall sanding sponge, after which roll on a brand new coat of paint.

drywall repair

This can cause individual nails to move, and when a nail holding drywall moves, it loosens the joint compound masking the nail. The result is a tiny bulge on the wall surface or, in some cases, a visible nail head if the drywall compound comes free and falls away.

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