What’s The Difference Between A Renovation And A Refurbishment?

The full realization of this plan, which consisted of each renovation and new development, ‘was of course disastrously interrupted by the struggle’. We needed to transfer out of the offices while the renovations had been being done. They have been willing to purchase a property that was in need of renovation. There are though, numerous potential options for refurbishment finance and finding one that’s cost-effective is crucial, that is the place our consultants at Cornerstone Finance might help.


The finance may also have to be versatile as a result of nevertheless tightly you manage things, over-runs on the timescales are comparatively commonplace in this type of activity. Quite merely, you start right here and repeat the method, typically growing your ambitions and property turnover.

However, for the savvier property investor/developer amongst us, that is actually a practical goal. Great article, when selling your house, the kitchen might be the commonest … Read More