How To Redo A Marble Fireplace

One of the most popular modern designs is a fireplace powered either by gasoline or electricity, which is constructed into the wall or simply held on the wall. Most are easy, require few equipment, and are made to appear to be they’re just a part of the wall.

Some houses actually have a linear fireplace in two or more completely different spots. Wall-mounted fireplaces are in style right now, contributing to a really minimal and modern fashion. Mantelpieces and hearths usually overlooked with these kind of fireplaces.

Apply a layer of inside latex paint in your shade option to the purple brick fireplace, beginning with the hearth corners and edges. Is your old, purple brick fireplace dragging the rest of your room down? Covering your fireplace with a coat of paint can modernize its look and inject new life into your room. Select a paint shade that enhances your room’s … Read More