Drywall Repair Clips

Expect to use one or two further coats of drywall compound, feathering each out to blend with the wall floor. Holes between half” and 6″ can be repaired with a bit of drywall and drywall compound. Sanding drywall compound produces a fine dust that will get onto and into every little thing. Because it is water-soluble, wiping the mud with a sponge makes a royal mess! By amassing the mud at the work space, both by way of wet sanding or by way of use of a vacuum, you eliminate much of your cleanup.

Since small holes generate small quantities of dust, these simple strategies are more than adequate. layer of joint compound, then fold and press paper tape into it. Stroke the size of the tape, squeezing compound out on either side. Then dimple the outlet barely concave with a hammer to indent any raised edges.

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