Or, make it pop with an ornamental display like this brutalist one. It conceals the empty fireplace but additionally spruces up the surounding space.

fireplace remodel

Even in the event that they rarely use it, patrons may like a hearth as a result of it could possibly costume up a room—or make it feel cozier. In hotter climates, a house without a fireplace might not be a deal breaker. Not surprisingly, a fire is most useful in regions where temperatures drop beneath freezing. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, annually, there’s an average of 22,300 fireplace, chimney, or chimney connector fires. In certain circumstances, the fireplace may be extra of a legal responsibility than an asset.

Paint can repair absolutely anything;-) Plus, paint is budget pleasant when comparing with the price of attempting to replace. After taping off the world I could be painting, I used a basic paint curler to paint all the stucco. But, if you occur to be considering painting stucco, it’s easy. Keep in thoughts, when you get too many highlights, it’s straightforward to fix. Just dry brush over it along with your initial base color (in my case Intellectual Gray).

Sarabeth Asaff has labored in and has written in regards to the residence improvement industry since 1995. She has written numerous articles on artwork, inside design and home improvements, specializing in kitchen and bathroom design.

A member in good standing with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Asaff has working knowledge of all areas of home design. If you have a marble encompass that’s cracked or free, the easiest way to redo it is to take away the old marble and set up new tiles of marble or one other materials. Break off a section of the old marble, utilizing a hammer and chisel, then pry off the remainder with a pry bar inserted beneath the sides of each tile. Depending on what the original tiles were installed on, you may be able to install the brand new ones instantly.

You’ll really feel like you’re by the ocean, no matter where you actually stay. Take notice from Emily Henderson and pile them up in your empty fireplace. Liven up the drab house with a pretty flower association, like in this Nantucket cottage by Jim Howard.

The chip brush did an excellent job of moving into all the little crevices of the stones. White paint or very mild grey paint to dry brush (I used a can that the paint retailer had on clearance for $1.00 that is just a tad lighter than Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore). When our carpenter instructed he was going to make use of stucco along with stone, the image he described sounded wonderful. Fireplace Decorating and Planning Ideas; Judith P. Knuth and Paula Marshall, Eds. You might additionally select to drywall or plaster over the brick, creating a clean canvas that you can then do pretty much something you want with.

Alternatively, you could need to hold new cement backerboard before installing the new tiles. If coastal fashion is your jam, try including a big piece of coral inside your fireplace.

In the hundreds of homes Greenberg has shown through the years, he’s had patrons who mentioned they should have a hearth and buyers who didn’t care either way. But he says he is by no means met a buyer who has refused to see a home as a result of it had a fire. He would by no means advise eradicating a fire except there have been sure reasons to justify this motion. Sometimes, if a fireplace is an eyesore or doesn’t perform correctly, it ought to be eliminated.