Small Kitchen Design Ideas for a Wider Impression

The kitchen is indeed one of the most essential places in our day to day living. This room is a place where you have to be creative in making delicious meals for your family. Here we describe the kitchen models that we often encounter today.
Small Kitchen with U ShapeWith this small U-shaped kitchen design, we can move more freely with the space that has been designed, with this shape we can take advantage of the middle while cooking and prepare delicious dishes for the family. It is also not necessary to go so far as to move cooked food from one to another or to put on a plate.
Kitchen with Window
The window serves as a pathway for air circulation and natural light. The presence of a window in this small kitchen design can make the kitchen wider and look bigger. This is caused by sunlight entering all parts of the kitchen and the view will also feel wider to the outside. In addition, it will not cause boredom or saturation while cooking and can see the scenery outside and see the plants in the yard of the house.
Minimalist Design
Minimalist designs like this are not only suitable for the home but for other parts too, namely the kitchen. Usually, we use minimalist and sufficient furniture, avoiding large furniture with a complex design, which certainly makes the kitchen look wider.
Hidden Little Kitchen
We can find seeing the kitchen that blends with the dining room, this can be due to the size of the room that is not large. But if you feel uncomfortable with the kitchen and dining room which is one room, we can try to make the kitchen design smaller and hidden by the trick of installing partitions or curtains with colors and patterns that match the color of the kitchen.