As well as bathroom installation costs, they also provided some handy tips on saving money. Read on for more nuggets of wisdom or click any of the links below to jump to a relevant section. Most plumbers will complete a bathroom renovation in about two to three days.

Power showers £150 Boosts water flow by being connected to an integral pump. Not uitable with combi boilers Steam showers £250 This type of shower is fully sealed to keep heat and steam in. Digital towers £550 This features a digital thermostat which is controlled remotely, as is the flow of the shower. We hope this has given you a rough idea of the installation cost involved in bathroom refurbishment in 2021.

Now you’ve established the cost of the different sized bathrooms you need to decide on the quality of the design. For example, a budget bathroom remodel could simply consist of like-for-like replacements for the shower/bath, toilet and sink. Taking it up a notch would consist of removing the old fixtures and fittings and installing a new bath/shower, sinks, toilet, tiling, flooring, and perhaps a towel radiator and extractor fan. Wall tiles are usually a little cheaper than floor tiles, but there is a much less expensive option which is Vinyl flooring. UPVC wall panels are rapidly becoming the wall cladding of choice for bathroom renovations in the UK.

In many cases, a heated towel rail is much handier than a radiator, providing a place to warm your towels. Costs can vary depending on whether you can replace like-for-like or require an entirely new installation. If you’re considering a standard floor-mounted toilet, you’ll only be paying about £50. If you’d prefer a more elegant design, expect to pay up to £500. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can choose between pedestal, semi-pedestal, or vanity unit basins. The budget option would be a ceramic pedestal basin, with prices starting at around £50.

Installing the bath, toilet and basin is normally straightforward, so if you’re only having those changed, it can take a couple of days to do to a standard as high as @OurHouseInLondon in the images above. For a complete bathroom refurbishment, you can probably expect the work to take approximately 6-8 days. It’s definitely worth hiring a professional tiler, as someone who is inexperienced can take two or three times as long to tile your bathroom.

If you are a bath person, then it’s worth investing in a steel enamel bath which is great quality, easy to clean and will retain the heat for a long soak. However, if you only occasionally use the bath then buying an acrylic bath is a good alternative. If you would like to find out how Refresh Renovations can support you with a high quality, efficient home renovation, get in touch today.

This makes them very hard, durable and unlikely to chip or crack. They are generally more expensive than plain ceramic tiles, but also harder wearing which is why they’re often used in high traffic commercial areas. Less is often more and you only really need to choose two different tile types – one for your floor, one for the wall – for a simple but stylish bathroom. Wood-look porcelain tiles are a great way to create a ‘feature floor’, even in wet areas like your shower. As ever though, the choice is completely yours and the options are pretty much endless. After seeking advice from recommended bathrooms fitters, we discovered how much you should be spending on some of the most common bathroom jobs.