Light If your space is dark, choose wall coverings that reflect light. You won’t need to include a plasterer on your team if you tile your bathroom wall to ceiling and leave the roof intact. It’s also a good idea if you’re planning to do any painting, because a great finish will require some plaster work. An electrician is also a usual suspect on your average bathroom trade list. Medium sized tiles are generally the quickest and easiest to install. Generally, for complete renovations, one trade will take the lead.

Proper bathroom planning will help control costs from spiraling, keep a project on schedule, and will help you achieve the space you’ve always dreamed of. A beautifully finished bathroom to get ready in every morning and wind down in at night really makes a difference to the way you start and end your day. If you need to keep the redesign or remodel cost down, you may be tempted to compromise or use cheap sanitaryware. This can be counterproductive if you want a room that will look great for a long time. The best way to keep the bathroom refurbishment cost on your London property down and still get the look of your dreams is to seek professional advice.

Alternative wall cladding, like PVC wall panels, should only take a couple of hours to install. Bathroom tiles or wall cladding make a considerable difference to the look and practicality of a bathroom. When estimating the cost of tiling your bathroom, you also need to factor in the value of the tile adhesive, grouting, and the ply underneath floor tiles. Looking into a bathroom renovation but unsure about how much it would cost in the UK? Let us help you breakdown the cost of bathroom renovations and share some tips on how to plan your dream bathroom transformation.

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Visit our gallery for examples of renovation London schemes. It is easy to arrange a visit to discuss your new bathroom and the installation process. Should you wish, we can start by getting you a detailed initial quote. A complete ‘wet room‘ style enclosure, complete with walk-in tray and frameless shower screen will cost from £550. A frameless fixed enclosure, with no door, will start at around £200.

Find out more aboutour installation serviceandbook a free planning appointmentto get started. We provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee in addition to any product guarantees. We hope you’ll never need to use our guarantees, but peace of mind is always a good thing to have. Plus, our range of flexible payment and finance options means you can find a plan to suit you. You can leave your panels open to create a practical and stylish walk-in shower. Alternatively, you can close your shower with a sliding, pivoting, swinging or folding door – whatever’s best for the layout of your bathroom.

Also known as penny tiles, they can help to make the bathroom look fresh. Bathroom lighting ideas are more than just functional; lighting sets the mood and can make you feel refreshed in the morning and relaxed in the evening. The potential for dimming the light is useful for different moods and definitely worth considering – think ‘relaxing bath’ vs ‘getting ready to go out’ vs ‘middle of the night trip to the bathroom’. We have done countless bathroom installations in London and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Consider fitted furniture if you have limited space or want to hide away your bathroom amenities. Savvy storage solutions include wall cabinets, built-in vanity units, bathroom wall niches and recessed fitted furniture. You’ll find a huge variety of bathroom taps to choose from, including small, basin taps to large, freestanding bath taps. Basic basin taps cost in the range of £30 to £45, whereas special finishes or designer models will set you back significantly more. Bath taps are usually a little larger than their basin counterparts, meaning they will cost a little more. Basic bath taps and bath shower mixer taps can be picked up for between £55 and £80.

It is hard to pinpoint how long it takes to tile a bathroom, but the average is somewhere between one and five days. This will depend on how much of the room you are having tiled and the size of the room, as well as the tiles you have chosen. As a starting point, a plumber should be able to carry out a simply like-for-like bathroom retrofit in two or three days, as well as removing the old one — this would cost around £1,000. While you may have your heart set on installing a specific washbasin or vanity, be prepared to sacrifice this dream if it looks like you lack the space for it to fit. So before you embark on your project, read on to discover the following popular bathroom remodel mistakes and remember to factor in any necessary changes to your plans so your redesign is smooth sailing.