However, keeping the drywall clean is something that every homeowner should aim for. A dirty wall can completely change the aesthetics of a room so it is important to stay on top of stains. A drywall maintenance tip to get rid of them, dust the drywall first, and then gently wipe it clean using a damp sponge.

STX Roofing & Construction is committed to completing your drywall and painting repair jobs successfully. In fact, we provide interior repairs for any holes, cracks, water damaged walls/ceilings, HVAC, windows, electrical, and much more. We are experts in matching textures and providing an upgraded finish to look brand new!

Use a retractable knife and straight edge to score along the horizontal and vertical lines so you can remove the entire damaged area. Using a straight edge or spirit level, extend the marks and draw vertical lines that run higher and lower than the damaged area. When dry, use medium grade sandpaper and sanding block to create a smooth, level finish.

Otherwise, you could cause damage to your plumbing or electrical system and end up with a far more costly repair on your hands. Any forceful impact can make a large hole in drywall, and the larger the object, the bigger the hole. One of the most common causes is door handle damage when someone opens a door too hard or it blows open in the wind. This causes the handle to smash into the wall, potentially leaving a significant crevice.

Using squeegee tool, layer up thin applications of filler over the whole area, allowing to dry thoroughly between layers. There was a thick piece of chipboard between the wall and the sockets, hence why they are extruding out the wall so much in the first pic. Apply additional thin layers of smoothing filler, allowing to dry in between. Larger holes need to have some kind of additional structural support so you can’t use filler alone. Below are a three different examples of how I’ve done this around my home…