Furniture: Types of Wood For Home Furniture

Furniture: Types of Wood For Home Furniture

Furniture – Currently, there are many types of wood for furniture that are used by craftsmen. Each has a different quality and use. There are types of wood that are very strong, so they are mostly used for tables and chairs, and there are also types with beautiful wood fibers that tend to be used as elements of room decoration.

Kitchen renovations do require quite a lot of furniture. However, in terms of durability, usually wood can see from the types. There is also a kitchen design that follows industrial design trends. If your taste is more towards wood and something antique. Let’s see more here!

Choice of Wood Types for Home Furniture

Teak wood

Teak is one type of solid wood that is often processed into the most widely used furniture. Of course, this is not without reason. Teak wood has an oil content that makes it water-resistant and … Read More