One of the key features of minimalism is simplicity and clean lines. And one of the ways to introduce those clean lines is to add levels into your design. The most organised and experienced renovators prepare a rolling, three-week meal plan before work starts, rotating through the options if the renovation takes longer than expected. It’s advisable to take up carpets from hallways and neighbouring rooms during the renovation to prevent damage, or to cover them with self-adhesive carpet protection film. This is especially important if the builders have to dispose of debris by taking it through the property to the front door or down shared hallways if you live in apartment building. A brand new look for less We offer a fantastic alternative which can be completed in as little as a day, for a fraction of the cost of a complete refit.

As mentioned, removing heavy cabinetry and adding floating cabinetry is something we do quite often here at Gather & Spruce. A traditional kitchen accoutrement, the skirt is being happily embraced by city dwellers as an easy way to convert unsightly areas into stylish storage with just a swish and a flick. They’re useful to add into your modern kitchen cabinet ideas if you’ve not got the budget to totally revamp, as they cover a multitude. A longer skirt length with a linear pattern emphasizes the movement of the fabric, creating a relaxed, ‘gathering fruits for harvest festival’ vibe. In this Chicago kitchen, a daring combination of materials and kitchen color ideas turn the space into a rockstar.

We’re used to seeing peg walls in crafts rooms, but why not incorporate this into your kitchen design? The peg wall really complements the rest of the kitchen furniture and ties in together with the wood worktops. The brass chandelier is a perfect addition to the dark wood kitchen units. This rich kitchen design comprises an exposed brick island that dominates the whole room and sets the tone for opulence. Paired with dark wood beams and dark oak kitchen cabinets, this rustic kitchen is earthy and welcoming.

Screw hooks into the bottom edge for mini buckets and fix to the wall with picture hooks. Stencil numbers in the corners with black paint, then use to pin postcards and family reminders up. Whether you want some simple ideas for a quick update or you just need some inspiration around what you can achieve in your space, we’ve included it all in this jam-packed guide.

Multi-skilled, Jennifer has worked in PR and marketing, and the occasional dabble in the social media, commercial and e-commerce space. One of the most popular building projects for homeowners, the side return extension can create a big open-plan room with space for dining and seating. As well as adding more space it can also increase the value of your home, if you decide to sell, too. ‘Using UV protective varnishes on woods and light paint finishes on stable materials will significantly minimize sun damage to furniture and cabinets,’ says Peter Humphrey of Humphrey Munson. Be aware that so much glazing can also limit a kitchen layout and design, as there are fewer solid walls to support cabinetry.

The trick is to try to leave the areas around the windows as clear as possible. ‘Try to not crowd the window with cabinets either side as that will limit the brightness of your space,’ Darren says. Kitchen trends come and go but this one seems to be sticking around, though it’s important to choose the right material. “I recommend medium to heavyweight cottons that are washable and weighted to hang properly, so they don’t bunch up and look unsightly,” Joy says.