You can do living room renovation considering that the living room is the front room in the house.
By renovating the living room, we can process it according to our character as home owners.
Living room renovation ideas are done by decorating the room as beautifully and as beautifully as possible.
Living room renovation ideas can be simple, without a lot of money.
We as home owners use a variety of creative remodeling ideas to rearrange the living room.
Well, for those of us who really want to apply the idea of ​​living room renovation so that the atmosphere is more interesting and different, here are the renovation ideas that are presented

  1. Putting a modern minimalist sofa
    The point of view of the room lies in the furniture used.
    For the living room, there is nothing wrong with choosing a modern minimalist sofa. We can also choose between two types of sofas, sofabeds and small sofas.
    This second sofa can make your living room unreasonable and full because the selection of furniture is too big.
  2. There is nothing wrong with using a coffee table
    If you don’t want the living room in your house to be stiff, you can use the coffee table as a table.
    Choose the coffee table according to the sofa you are using.
    The choice of coffee table is also an effort to make the room look bigger.
    The coffee table can also be easily moved anywhere according to your needs.
  3. Add carpet
    So that the living room is warmer, you can use a carpet as a means of support. No need to fill a room, just put a rug under the coffee table. Choose a carpet that matches the theme of the living room, apart from being able to warm the room, the carpet in the living room can be a comfortable place compared to just a tile floor.
  4. Add pillows
    We can also add a pillow with a unique patterned pillowcase. The pillow placed on this neutral colored sofa can be a unique sight. We can also replace it with a motif pillowcase according to your taste to get a living room with a different look each month.
  5. Add plants for conditioning
    As an air conditioner in the living room, besides we have placed plants on the table or larger plants in the corner of the room. With this plant, it is a self-renovation idea that can immediately make your living room much fresher than before. For plant selection, you can choose plants that are suitable as part of the interior of the house.